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Hello, I’m Airial! Though a New Hampshire native, I moved to the seacoast in 2003.  I am a former business owner and self-proclaimed “mompreneur” (mom+entrepreneur), who made the transition to a stay-at-home parent in 2014. I have three daughters, but currently have FIVE children in the house ages six and under.

As a mother, adoptive mother, and foster mother, I have come to recognize my super power is the ability to wrangle large groups of children without losing my mind! I adore home cooking, sensible shoes, my ridiculously handy husband Gary, and attempting (daily) to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Read more over on my blog:



Hello, I’m Allison! I live in Portsmouth with my husband, Mr. Fix-It and my two little lady monsters, Charlotte (threenager) and Harper (in the throes of toddlerhood). I teach yoga at 3 Bridges in Portsmouth, am a fitness coach and write on my blog.

I taught high school theology for years in both the Boston-area and San Francisco and I might be about as mature as a high school student…on a good day (don’t judge, being a grown-up is hard). My gifts include: hydrating, standing on my head, sarcasm and easy cooking. Besides my beautiful children, it’s possible I am most proud of my ability to memorize song lyrics and text considerably faster than my husband (why is he SOOO slow?!). All in all, I’m working hard to lead my best life and I do my best to look for grace in all the ordinary places. You can also find me over on my blog, Blonde Yogini!



Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m a part-time librarian and blogger, full-time SAHM to two handsome toddlers, and a die-hard Jersey girl at heart. We are recent transplants to the Seacoast after living in Boston for four years while I earned my MFA in Poetry. My husband Patrick and I married on a snowy October day four years ago and it was a perfect prelude to our chaotic, yet beautiful life.

We have moved four times since that day and are very happy to settle down in Rollinsford and raise our family. I love talking about my faith, drinking strong black coffee (or strong white wine), and sneaking veggies into my toddlers meals.



Hello, I’m Anelia! Friends and family describe me as quirky, fun, optimistic, creative, and full of love. I’m a newlywed, Newmarket, NH, native who recently moved down the road to Lee with my dream man, Joe. We welcomed a beautiful baby boy Charlie just days after relocating and our lives and hearts have never been more full.

I’m the oldest of three girls and took on the nurturer, big sister, caretaker role early on. Being a mom is my latest and greatest new adventure. My experience with childcare is lifelong, but even so, I was never fully prepared for the crazy, beautiful, scary, exhausting, and life-changing role of being a parent. You will generally find me cooking and entertaining for my loved ones or outside soaking up mother nature. All of these components combined are my #ultimate #joyrising #blissedout #favoritethings. I hope you enjoy hearing me share how I’m taking on parenting and being my quirky, fun, optimistic, creative, full-of-love self all at the same time!



Hello, I’m Colleen! I grew up in Massachusetts my entire life but have been living in NH for the past two years and absolutely love the Seacoast. I am a SAHM to two miracle babies and I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 14 years. I have gone through struggles such as unexplained infertility, a miscarriage, the roller coaster ride of adoption, and have just recently completed treatments for thyroid cancer. It is my passion to use these struggles for good and to encourage other women through the daily life of motherhood.

An introvert by nature, I recharge by spending one-on-one time with friends. I will definitely take quality conversation over quantity because my typical conversations are primarily with my three-year-old centered around Daniel Tiger, poop and Curious George. When I have a free moment, I enjoy GOOD coffee (forget decaf or generic!), wine, running, all things pink, writing on my  blog, and being at the beach.



Hello, I’m Cristy! I am a mom to three ah-mazing girls. Not sure quite how it happened, but my oldest is graduating high school! My other two girls are separated by two hours and 22 minutes. Yes, you read that right! They are my Christmas night babies, who will be starting kindergarten in the fall. I have a wonderful husband who has put up with me for over 12 years now. I was born in Western NY and moved around many times. I have always said that my mom didn’t spring clean — we just moved.

I am so excited to say that after 11 years away, I am back to my Seacoast roots again in Exeter. I am also a habitual chatterbox, lover of the 80’s (and all things 603, of course), and completely full of quirkiness. I am excited to be a part of the blogging world and can’t wait to get to know you all!



Hello, I’m Diana! Although I was born in Salem, MA, I consider myself as native to NH as a person can be. My husband and I settled in a tiny little town only eight miles from where I grew up. I love the Seacoast and I’m here to stay! I am a Registered Dietitian and my most recent adventure is starting my own business, Bumps and Babes LLC. This is my passion and it’s true that when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like work!

Braeden is my funny, goofball of a seven-year-old son who stuns me with his loyalty and insight at times. McKaelyn is my sweet and sassy four-year-old daughter whose gorgeous brown eyes can melt my heart no matter what mischief she’s gotten into. In the little spare time I have, I enjoy being a part of the Women’s Club in my town, cooking healthy meals, walking my neighborhood, and spending time with family and friends (and especially cherish my girl time!).



Hello, I’m Jennifer! I’m an NH native and a self-proclaimed and often accused Jack of all trades, master of some. I am a single mother and longtime homeschooler of two girls, 15 and 11, who were both born and raised on our 50 acre farm in the “mountains” of Strafford. Once the home to dozens of barnyard animals, our ever-evolving farm has morphed into a teaching site for foraging classes, as well as a haven for Tiny Home refugees. In addition to my wildcrafting classes and CSA, I sell nontoxic cleaning products and play solo acoustic music locally.

I am a lover of all things “green,” both literally and environmentally, and an accumulator of random certifications such as Hypnotherapist, Equine Massage Therapist, CPR & First Aid Instructor, Midwife, Music Together Teacher, this list goes on. But most days I find myself crowned with the illustrious title of “chauffeur” to my two active girls. When I grow up I’d like to live in a Yurt and maybe practice Midwifery again in a remote location.



Hello, I’m Arielle! I am the Founder and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Expect to Sleep Again Sleep Consulting, LLC. After having grown up in the Granite State, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Boston University and settled in MA. I became a self-proclaimed “sleep geek” after the birth of my daughter, and have since made it my mission to help families get the rest they need in order to enjoy a happier, healthier life.

I offer a variety of services including sleep-specific Facebook troubleshooting groups, a Facebook support group for sleep deprived-parents, and individualized sleep consultations. I live with my three-year-old daughter and two longhaired dachshunds in Bolton, MA.



Hello, I’m Kathleen! I’ve lived in New Hampshire my whole life. I currently live with my husband and two daughters, ages five and one. I taught first grade for 10 years before staying home with my children after the birth of my second daughter.

Besides my family, I love to focus my time on educating and creating awareness about alternative health and essential oils. I also created a blog as an outlet while I stay home to take care of my girls. I love to share my recipes, provide essential oil tips, and write about all things motherhood. I hope you’ll also check out my blog, Blue Eyed Babies!!



Hello, I’m Krysten! I am mom to Everett John, now 18-months-old. Everett came to us after I turned 40, and my husband and I now find ourselves juggling the trials of new parenthood in the “older” bracket. It’s a whole new world to us and we’re figuring things out as Everett progresses from infant-hood to toddler-hood.

We have lived in Dover, New Hampshire for more than a decade and are learning our way around the parks, playgrounds, and parent groups available in the Seacoast. I can’t wait to share our adventures with you and get tips from other readers.



Hello, I’m Laura! The night I fell in love with my husband, I drank too much Patron and choked on a cherry I was trying to eat seductively. Despite my best efforts, chaos reigns. Ever set underwear on fire? Accidentally flung a brownie at a selectman? Fallen fully clothed into a bathtub of freezing water? I have.

I’m a potty-mouthed mommy of two little girls, farm wife, photographer, writer, and special educator. I’m happiest barefoot in the sunshine, playing with my kids, drinking tea with gal pals, or reading something a little smutty. I believe life’s best lessons are learned in chaos.



Hello, I’m Laurie! I live in Exeter with my husband and two kids, am a co-owner of Zev Yoga Studios, teach Health & Sport Sciences for Capital University, and always enjoy a good evening of surfing followed by a cold drink on the beach. Since childhood, I’ve found joy and strength in getting outside, being active and competitive, and seeing the world.

I found my passion studying Exercise Physiology at UNH (go Wildcats!) and Health Education at BU. I spent a decade in Boston teaching others how to live healthy lives before coming back to NH. Thank God for the Downeaster Train that gets me back to Boston when I need a fix! Now that I’m a mom, I realize that the best thing I can do for my children is to teach them a love for being outside, staying active, exploring the world…and cheering for the Red Sox, of course.



Hello, I’m Lyndsey! I am a born and raised New Hampshirite, spending most of my life in the southern part of the Granite State. My high school sweetheart and I have been married for four years and are leading an adventurous life with our fantastic almost two-year-old twin boys!

Adjusting to life as a first-time mom to multiples has been quite the challenge. Before becoming a SAHM, I worked in customer service, sales and dabbled in different parts of real estate. I am also a Toastmaster and competed in several competitions. Being creative is what makes me tick! Whether it be writing, crafting or scouring Pinterest boards for something new to try, I love it all. I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts on life, DIY projects and being a mom and wife.



Hello, I’m Melissa! I’m a native of New Hampshire and married my husband Adam in beautiful Meredith on Lake Winnipesaukee. We are settled in the quaint city of Portsmouth and have two daughters, Olivia (October 2010) and Harper (September 2013). I love being a part-time, work-from-home-mom to these amazing girls who keep me very busy!

I spent a few years in Virginia where I earned my degree in Political Science. I am passionate about my family, volunteering with nonprofits, politics, and the finer things in life!



Hello, I’m Nicole! I am married to my awesome husband Jim and have twin fraternal twin boys, Rylan and Quinn (October 2013). So many things keep me going in my crazy life. Between my non-profit development career, my ongoing DIY projects, my friends and family, and my Mama responsibilities, I basically never slow down.

A lifelong Seacoast native, I live in an adorable small lake town in Milton. When not chasing around my two mini tornadoes, I work full-time for a charitable local home care and nursing organization, supporting fundraising and volunteer management through all kinds of fun outlets. I love  to challenge my creative thinking process in everyday life, and writing is another piece to fulfilling that need.



Hello, I’m Stephanie! I was born in Ohio and grew up in Southern New Hampshire. I am blessed to be the mother of a sweet six-year-old boy and have been married to my loving husband for almost 10 years.

I teach English, and writing has been my passion since childhood. I absolutely love being a mother and sharing information, meeting new people, and encouraging others with inspiring ideas.



Hello, I’m Taylor! I am Mama to three beautiful kids, ages five and three, and a brand new little guy who is snuggling me as I write this. Parenting with my amazing partner James has sent us on a quest to craft the very best life we can imagine for our family. To us, that means that each of us (kids included) can pursue our passions while spending as much time as possible together as a family unit. Since 2011, we have moved three times and both changed careers multiple times. We’re now happily settled in the Seacoast, a truly special place that we think will be our forever home.

We both work from home, trading time spent working and time spent with our kids. We are passionate about our homeschooled children taking the lead in their own learning and our days are spent supporting them and their interests. I am a birth and postpartum doula and co-founder of New Mama Project, a site filled with resources and support to help new mothers navigate the postpartum transition and the profound identity shift of becoming a mom. I love exploring the Seacoast, dreaming about traveling, learning to knit, and reading and talking about homeschooling and unschooling.