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Grocery Store Wars

Grocery Store Wars: Better Food on a Budget

Everyone has a budget. Thanks to having a larger family, I’m very mindful about our weekly grocery budget. It starts with the sale flyers, a paper version of grocery store wars. I aim to feed my family healthy, quality food, and meals that I’ve planned and prepared. It’s all about better food, on a budget. […]

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Eat your Veggies! Ideas for Feeding Your Kids With Less Stress

Eat Your Veggies! Ideas for Feeding Your Kids–with Less Stress

It’s not hard to get stressed out what we feed our kids. We feel it’s important that they eat healthy, well-balanced meals. They need to avoid too much sugar and preservatives and develop healthy eating habits as they grow. And all of these things are important. I know lots of parents who harbor great anxiety around the topic of […]

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Dig into Leftovers

Give Thanksgiving Leftovers a Makeover

Thanksgiving Day is over, and the delicious dishes from our last post were finger lickin’ good…but not to the last drop. Black Friday is as notorious for its discount shopping as it is for its leftovers. If you’re still hosting family and friends, you might be worried about feeding your guests. No fear! Here’s your go-to Thanksgiving leftovers list; […]

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Healthy snacks/ Happy Moms

Hold the Hangry: Snacks for Motherhood

We all know what it feels like to be “hangry;” the subtle hunger that initially signals a growling stomach and then transforms us into growling grown women. When I don’t eat, I’m irritable, irrational, and basically no fun. “Hangry” is a totally avoidable parent pitfall. If we stay on top of our hunger, we can avoid unnecessary tantrums as adults. Eating […]

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