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Halloween Scares for the Sensory Sensitive

Fight, Flight, and Fright; Halloween for the Sensory Sensitive Child

Halloween night truly awakens the senses; the cool, crisp air hitting your face and the sound of the leaves crunching underfoot thundering in your ears. The streetlamp ahead flickers as it struggles to light your way. In the distance, a dog barks at the unexpected creatures passing by. A swarm of smells tickles your nostrils; […]

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birthday party

Thinking Outside The Gift Box: Birthday Present Ideas For Your Next Kids Party

A significant amount of your time raising children includes hitting the kids’ birthday party circuit HARD.  While you may be on top of your own child’s flavor of the month in toy trends, superhero stars, and cuddly characters, it’s not always easy to keep up with the current obsession of each of their playmates. There’s […]

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A Unique Christmas Tradition Your Family Will Love

Creating special Christmas traditions makes the holiday season so memorable for many families. Growing up, my family had one Christmas tradition that nobody else I knew shared. Some of my absolute favorite childhood memories are tied into this tradition. Every year during the holiday season, we held a family slumber party by the Christmas tree. We called it […]

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