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Emotionally Resilient Children

How to Raise Emotionally Resilient Children

Raising emotionally resilient children in a time of helicopter parenting is seriously divergent from the overbearing norm we’ve become accustomed to. You know the parents – they move along the ground under the monkey bars for fear their little one could fall. They apologize on behalf of their child. Or worse, demand apologies from others […]

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girl time

Ladies’ Night on a Budget: Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Time for Girl Time

We see a lot of articles about date night ideas. Sure, it’s important to carve out alone time with your partner reconnecting and reviving the romance. But what about another aspect of our lives that is often tabled when kids come along: GIRL TIME. While date nights looks different now, girls nights have changed a […]

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Father's Day

A Day Without Dad: Why I Still Celebrate Father’s Day

Every year when Father’s Day rolls around, someone usually asks me if the holiday makes me sad.  My Dad’s been gone since I was sixteen and it’s touching when friends worry if I’m feeling left out. But Dad’s special day doesn’t get me down. Especially since I’ve had my own children, there’s no shortage of […]

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