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Ladies’ Night on a Budget: Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Time for Girl Time

We see a lot of articles about date night ideas. Sure, it’s important to carve out alone time with your partner reconnecting and reviving the romance. But what about another aspect of our lives that is often tabled when kids come along: GIRL TIME. While date nights looks different now, girls nights have changed a […]

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What Not to Regret

What Not to Regret at the End of the Year

“Will I regret this?” is a question many of us ask ourselves. It sounds negative, but it actually keeps us focused. At the end of the year, we all do a little pause for reflection.  What gave us pride? What filled us with regret? This bittersweet part of reflection affects us all differently, and it’s an […]

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Healthy snacks/ Happy Moms

Hold the Hangry: Snacks for Motherhood

We all know what it feels like to be “hangry;” the subtle hunger that initially signals a growling stomach and then transforms us into growling grown women. When I don’t eat, I’m irritable, irrational, and basically no fun. “Hangry” is a totally avoidable parent pitfall. If we stay on top of our hunger, we can avoid unnecessary tantrums as adults. Eating […]

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Be "On Time" Every Time.

On Time, Every Time–Secret Mom Hacks to Keep Your Crew Organized

“I don’t know how you are always on time. With such a big family!,” she said, before asking: “Please, tell me your secret.”   Coming from another mother, I found that to be a wonderful compliment. She approached me again the next day and told me her family is late, no matter where they go. I explained […]

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