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Let’s REALLY Talk About Sex : Changing Your Sexual Perspective With Alicia Joy Stiles

This post is one of a three-part series. Written anonymously to allow our writers to be as open and honest as possible, we are delighted to share with you what working with Alicia Joy Stiles, Sexuality and Relationship Coach, was like. Each writer participated in her online workshop, “Awakening Your Sexuality”.When I started the Awakening […]

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Mothering While Socially Awkward

Hello. I am an introvert. An outgoing one, but an introvert nonetheless. I am also extremely socially awkward, and very sensitive. I know you’re just dying to meet me in person. Also, maybe you can relate! This has been my personality (or rather affliction) since I was a child. Its unlikely to change, as much as […]

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Mommy Burnout: Don't let it get you down

Mommy Burnout: Many Causes, Many Cures

A few weeks ago, I fell deep into the trenches of “mommy burnout.” For days, my husband would come home to me crying, yelling, and feeling totally defeated by our two small humans. Overall, I was starting to feel the weight of life: cabin fever, pregnancy hormones, budget constraints, dietary restrictions (we participated in the January […]

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