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Redefining Self Care

Self care is not always defined the same way by different people. Most everyone agrees that self care is to actively improve one’s physical or emotional well being. Caring for ourselves is necessary as our lives grow busier and more complicated. Carving out time for ourselves isn’t easy. However, we must be self-important when it […]

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Adoption Day

Why We Talk About Our Adoption

As I write this, four of the six children in my home were born to another mother. The details of their circumstances are each very different. However, they do have a common link. They were adopted from foster care. Subsequently, we talk openly of their adoption. In addition, we speak of why they do not […]

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Stop Weeding and Make Dandelion Oatmeal Cookies Instead

Dandelion oatmeal cookies are an unexpected treat. In my opinion, dandelions are not weeds. The bright yellow dandelion flowers beckon to local bees in the early spring. Not to mention my children love to pick dandelions. They also love to make “wishes’ by blowing the blossoms that have gone to seed.  Kids and bees are onto something. The […]

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How Lazy Americans Make Homemade Yogurt

How Lazy Americans Make European Yogurt

Yogurt in Europe is life changing. It’s creamy, and wonderfully natural. European yogurt also lacks the artificial sweeteners and preservatives found in processed American yogurt. Making your own yogurt, using the ingredients of your choice, is easy. I’ll show you how lazy Americans make European Yogurt.  My first taste of French yogurt, wasn’t actually in […]

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Urban Homesteading 101: Creating a Sustainable Lifestyle

Urban Homesteading seems like the ultimate oxymoron. However, the notion of homesteading means different things to different people.  Urban Homesteading-101 is really about a creating a sustainable lifestyle, with a back-to-basics approach.  Homesteading doesn’t have to mean living in a classic farmhouse, flanked by expansive acreage. It doesn’t mean you live off grid, without modern […]

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30 Day “No Yell” Challenge

I invite you to join me for a 30 Day No Yell challenge. This is a great way to initiate a more peaceful and intentional routine for your family. Almost all parents wish they raised their voices less with their kids. Let’s be honest, here. Lots of us have vocally overreacted and then feel badly […]

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