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Mom uniform

3 Places to Up Your “Mom Uniform” Game in Downtown Portsmouth

The Mom Uniform. Wear it. Own it. Wash it. Repeat. Most mothers, when faced with a day that includes child care, ask themselves the following questions as they get dressed: Can I chase my children in these clothes? Will I be able to sit on the ground comfortably in this outfit? When I bend over, will I […]

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Living Out My Childhood in Mox Shoes

  My mother has strong opinions about fashion. She passed this trait onto me, and now I am dealing with the karmic retributions of my fashion rebellion as I parent my own “toddler fashionista.” (READ: fashion tyrant). My mother, Claudia, who we call “Claudymom,” (it was her AOL screen name in 1995), stuck to some hard-and-fast rules about […]

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When You are

When YOU are Your Last Priority

Have you ever been so blissfully happy in one area of your life while simultaneously miserable in another? This was me last summer. My youngest was six months old and my oldest was two-and-a-half. We spent lazy days at Jenness beach, ate picnics in Prescott Park and I thought my heart would burst from happiness. My kids […]

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Raising Children in a Time of Hate

The Orlando shooting shows the worst of us: the hatred, the intolerance, the fear, and the violence. It shows us that darkness resides here. It shows us that life is fragile–fleeting, even. And, my God, it scares the living daylights out of us. I am a mother of two and when this kind of thing […]

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