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Why Natural Family Planning Works for Us

Why Natural Family Planning Works For Us: Never Forget Pills Again

My husband and I started using the Natural Family Planning birth control method five years ago. Now, we have three beautiful kids to show for it, and they’re not “oops!” babies. Natural Family Planning gave us a new outlook on our marriage and the opportunity to multiply that love in children and happiness.  It was easy to make our decision to […]

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Mommy Burnout: Don't let it get you down

Mommy Burnout: Many Causes, Many Cures

A few weeks ago, I fell deep into the trenches of “mommy burnout.” For days, my husband would come home to me crying, yelling, and feeling totally defeated by our two small humans. Overall, I was starting to feel the weight of life: cabin fever, pregnancy hormones, budget constraints, dietary restrictions (we participated in the January […]

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Give yourself the gift of inner peace

For Any Family Situation: Peaceful Holiday Strategies that Work

Whether you’re surrounded by friends, traveling, reuniting with relatives (or in the midst of a silent period with some), holidays are full of emotions–good and bad. It’s good to have some holiday strategies to fall back on.  There are expectations, differences, a new President-Elect… it’s all there, waiting for you with red bows and ugly […]

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