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Take your own Measure Your Child is More than a Mark on a Checklist

Take Your Own Measure: Your Child is More than a Mark on a Checklist

If you are concerned about your child’s development, there are plenty of checklists on the Internet that can scare you into thinking your child is way behind. There are the CDC’s Developmental Milestones checklists, growth charts, and a myriad of other measurement tools aimed to gauge where your child is at for his or her […]

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Your 2017 Guide to Winter on the Seacoast: Experiencing the Great Outdoors with Your Children

It may not be beach weather, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy outdoor activities this winter on and around the Seacoast. Whether it’s snowy, icy, or somewhere in-between, there’s bound to be an outdoor pursuit that appeals to you and your little ones. Sled Away the Winter Blues Remember the thrill of coasting down […]

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