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No Extra Money: The Unfair Reality of the Family Budget

Let’s talk about money. For mamas everywhere, money and the family budget are heavy on their minds. It is a concern amongst mothers worldwide. When we as writers set out to address the financial stress of being a mom it is usually from the money-saving advice angle. Scour the Seacoast Moms site and you will […]

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a toddler leash helped keep my child safe

Toddler Leash: A Lesson in Mothering

One of my biggest struggles in mothering has been my elder daughter’s propensity for running off. She is independent and distractable, headstrong and adventurous. What will one day make her a formidable adult made her a nightmare of a toddler. I could not have survived those years without mommy’s little helper- the toddler leash. The […]

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thoughtful homemade gifts

Thoughtful Homemade Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Especially during the holidays, I love to give homemade gifts. A homemade gift shows thought and intention, and the knowledge of effort on the giver’s part is a gift of its own. Most of us don’t need more stuff. What we need is the connection that comes from knowing someone is thinking of us. Interested […]

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halloween costumes

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: Easy, Fast, and Cheap

Growing up, homemade Halloween costumes were our staple! My mom would be sewing through thick fake fur and slippery, shimmer material for hours. My mother’s costumes were works of art and one of my favorite childhood memories. I want to make Halloween special for my kids too and while I am not the “toil over […]

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DIY Bows for beginners

DIY Hair Bows for Beginners

If you have daughters under the age of 10 like I do, JoJo Siwa and the JoJoBow is a thing in your everyday life. When I was a girl my mom was a DIY queen and we went to school every day in complicated up-do’s resplendent in DIY bows. While I hate doing hair, I […]

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Woman watching true crime tv show

True Crime Sommelier: Murder and Mayhem for Every Mood

My interest in true crime TV began when I was young. The first chilling bars of the Unsolved Mysteries theme song would fill our living room and silence would descend. The mysteries and clues were my brain candy! Later, I enjoyed my fair share of crime dramas, Law and Order, CSI and Bones, but there […]

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