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adult adhd in women

Adult ADHD: It’s Time to Pay Attention

While it’s easy to think of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder as a childhood disorder, that’s only telling part of the story. Adult ADHD affects a significant portion of the population yet receives very little attention. Just as boys are significantly more likely to receive a diagnosis of ADHD when compared to girls, adult women are less […]

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Validation: A Relationship Superskill

Validation is the simple but alarmingly difficulty task of observing, acknowledging, and accepting another person’s point of view. To validate and accept their point of view doesn’t mean that you necessarily agree with what they are saying. It means that you are hearing them and attempting to understand where they are coming from. It means […]

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Five Steps to Find a Therapist for your Child

It’s daunting. A little frustrating. Totally overwhelming. But, it’s time. For whatever reason, it’s time to find a therapist for your child. Below are five tips for finding the best mental health therapist for your child.  Contact your insurance company Health insurance plans cover mental health care in the same way physical health care is […]

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