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a toddler leash helped keep my child safe

Toddler Leash: A Lesson in Mothering

One of my biggest struggles in mothering has been my elder daughter’s propensity for running off. She is independent and distractable, headstrong and adventurous. What will one day make her a formidable adult made her a nightmare of a toddler. I could not have survived those years without mommy’s little helper- the toddler leash. The […]

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Screen free after school activities

5 Screen Free After School Activities To Help Your Child Unwind

We’re back to school and into fall. This means cooler mornings, alarm clock wake-ups, packing lunches, and bus rides. I remember last year when my oldest started kindergarten. Getting adjusted to being “on” five full days per week, tolerating the bus ride both ways, eating in a lunchroom and navigating a huge school building took […]

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