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A Snarky and Honest Mom Gives MORE Book Reviews

I am reading SO much these days because, if I don’t, I will kill someone. Seriously. With all of this social distancing with my family (read: they all try to get as close to me as possible and I long for the presence of, literally, anyone else), I need something that’s just for me. Reading […]

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FREE Digital Reading Resources from your Library!

I’m a librarian and last Sunday, our library closed because of the COVID-19 virus. Frankly IT. WAS. INSANE. It honestly felt like people were more worried about running out of books than milk or TP! Heartwarming, right? When we are facing isolation our first comfort – and more importantly our kids’ first comfort-  is the […]

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Early Chapter Books

Making The Leap: Early Chapter Books for Your Young Reader

This month I’m covering one of my favorite topics: early chapter books (aka transitional chapter books).  It is that wonderful time when readers are transitioning out of those (often mind-numbing) early readers and finding fun, adventurous, and sometimes even spooky new chapter books. Transitional chapter books tend to have slightly more words on a page, […]

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Grief Books

Grab the Tissues: The Best Kids’ Books for Death and Grief

According to Benjamin Franklin …in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. We Mamas can add one more thing as absolute certainty – our kids will have questions. Whether your little one just watched The Lion King for the first time (and you forgot about the part where the father […]

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