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Seacoast Digital Fast 2019

The 2019 Seacoast Digital Fast: 3 Ways To Engage Your Family This Weekend

May 3-5th is the Annual Seacoast Digital Fast! Portsmouth resident Jeff Stern started the Seacoast Digital started in 2014 to challenge Seacoast residents to “Look Up!” Although this might take some planning if you’ve got a kid or two (or more!), the 48 hours without screens is totally worth it. Here are 3 ways to […]

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6 Tips For Talking to Your Kids that I Learned in Marriage Therapy

Marriage Therapy: not just for adults! I am a big believer in therapy. Having someone guide me through my emotions helps me stay sane. I sat through close to three years of marriage therapy with my ex-husband and while ultimately our marriage ended, I learned some pretty valuable lessons on how to talk to people. […]

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Five Steps to Find a Therapist for your Child

It’s daunting. A little frustrating. Totally overwhelming. But, it’s time. For whatever reason, it’s time to find a therapist for your child. Below are five tips for finding the best mental health therapist for your child.  Contact your insurance company Health insurance plans cover mental health care in the same way physical health care is […]

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