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How Lazy Americans Make Homemade Yogurt

How Lazy Americans Make European Yogurt

Yogurt in Europe is life changing. It’s creamy, and wonderfully natural. European yogurt also lacks the artificial sweeteners and preservatives found in processed American yogurt. Making your own yogurt, using the ingredients of your choice, is easy. I’ll show you how lazy Americans make European Yogurt.  My first taste of French yogurt, wasn’t actually in […]

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Ditching the Juice Box: 5 Tea Types Your Kids May Actually Love

I’m gonna be honest: as a parent, I love a good juice box. Convenient, somewhat nutritious, and oh-so delicious, they can be found in every grocery store, kids birthday party, and most school lunches. Yet, new articles and reports are coming out regularly condemning juice for kids. While water is a stalwart in our home, […]

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Hearty, Healthy and Kid-Friendly Winter Soups

If you are anything like me, cooking is a seasonal activity. In the summer, I can’t bear to be standing over the stove, preferring salads and fresh produce as much as possible. But in winter — that’s different. I love nothing more than a pot bubbling on the stove. Added bonus? A full square meal […]

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A Clean Eating Amateur Takes On The Whole30

Let me start by saying I am NO EXPERT on diet or clean eating.  If you’ve been following my posts, you know I had quite the journey getting pregnant with baby #2.  I have always been fairly health conscious and tried to eat pretty “clean.” While doing research on fertility and changes I could personally […]

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