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A Clean Eating Amateur Takes On The Whole30

Let me start by saying I am NO EXPERT on diet or clean eating.  If you’ve been following my posts, you know I had quite the journey getting pregnant with baby #2.  I have always been fairly health conscious and tried to eat pretty “clean.” While doing research on fertility and changes I could personally […]

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Heartache & Baby Loss

Three babies lost, three babies in heaven, three separate heartaches.   I never thought I would be here in this position, or sharing this kind of story, but here I sit.  I had my first little girl the first month we tried.  No issues, a textbook pregnancy, and a perfectly healthy baby.  We waited until she […]

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Gift Of Motherhood-Thank you letter to my daughter's birth mother

Gift Of Motherhood: A Thank You Letter To My Daughter’s Birth Mother

Motherhood was a distant dream for me. A fantasy, really. Several years were filled with tears, frustration and struggle as my husband and I waited for a positive pregnancy test. It never came. We decided against undergoing any fertility treatments and knew that adoption was the way our family would be formed. Another two years […]

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Why Natural Family Planning Works for Us

Why Natural Family Planning Works For Us: Never Forget Pills Again

My husband and I started using the Natural Family Planning birth control method five years ago. Now, we have three beautiful kids to show for it, and they’re not “oops!” babies. Natural Family Planning gave us a new outlook on our marriage and the opportunity to multiply that love in children and happiness.  It was easy to make our decision to […]

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What to Expect when your BFF is not expecting

Infertility: What to Expect When Your BFF is Not Expecting

It’s been nearly six years since I’ve sat in a fertility clinic, feeling hopeful and fearful at the same time. If you or someone close to you is struggling with infertility, my heart breaks for you. I have known the disappointment and uncertainty. After three failed IUI’s (intrauterine insemination), and four failed IVFs (in vitro […]

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