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talk about miscarriage

How Hilaria Baldwin’s Miscarriage Gave Me Strength to Talk About My Own

Last week, Hilaria Baldwin announced on her Instagram page that she was suffering a miscarriage. During a previous visit to her doctor, the heartbeat wasn’t strong. The implication was the pregnancy wouldn’t be viable, and sadly she did lose the baby. She got a lot of support. She also got some negative feedback – that […]

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obesity has n impact on everyone in a family

Fat Mom Walking: The Weight of Obesity on Motherhood

I was standing in the dim light of our post-dinner kitchen absentmindedly snacking on cookies when my daughter wandered by. “What are you doing?” “Eh, eating my feelings,” I said sarcastically. “I want to eat my feelings,” she heartbreakingly replied.  This is just one of a million moments where my weight and relationship with food […]

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