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I'm the whatever mom and it wasn't easy to get there

I’m the “Whatever” Mom, and it Wasn’t Easy Getting Here

Whether we admit it or not, we moms tend to attach ourselves to a mothering “type.” And if we aren’t calling ourselves names, we can be sure another mom is doing the name-calling for us. I’m the “Whatever” mom and I’m proud of it. You have probably heard at least one of these before: “helicopter” mom, which has been humorously […]

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Healing From the Outside In: Leaning into the Rain

I love rainy days. I feel like they always come just when I need a sign from the Universe to slow down. Our world is in a state of chaos, and I can’t seem to find a balance between fighting my own personal battles and facing the tragedy that continues to unfold around me. I have […]

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Minivan? No, Ma’am! : Driving to the Next Chapter of Motherhood

About five years ago, this video marked the first portrayal of the minivan as something to actually desire–who wouldn’t want a swagger wagon? Just this week, another video by The Texting Yoga Pants, known for their perfect portrayal of real-life mom problems, released this hilarious video about the same modern family conundrum: to minivan or not to […]

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