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Two friends talking and drinking coffee

One Thing You Shouldn’t Say When a Friend’s Mom Dies

I often go for articles that are titled like this one. You know, pieces that reveal the top things you should never, ever say in various life situations. And here you are, reading this. Aren’t you curious about the one thing you shouldn’t say when a friend’s mom dies?  Why are we drawn to these […]

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Seacoast Indoor Play Places

Join Our FREE Indoor Play Place Directory!

Since winter around here seems to last FOREVER, we want to provide parents with an easy-to-use directory of all the indoor play places on the Seacoast. At no cost to you, you can list your Seacoast indoor play place on our site! Draw in new customers and let parents know what you have to offer. […]

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fall jackets and sweaters

Essential Fall Jackets Under $50

When it comes to style, transition seasons bring out the best and worst in me. These moments of weather transitions are the best because I love extending my summer clothing. I pair my faves with fall jackets and sweaters. And this time of year is the worst because I cringe at how many times I’ll […]

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Ice cream for lunch?

Summer Shortcuts While Still Playing By The Rules

We are soaking up the final days of summer. It was my baby’s 1st summer of no diapers and no stroller (someone get the champagne!)!!! Partayyyyyyyyy!🎉 We’ve celebrated with a full mix of travel, stay-cation and a zillion mosquito bites! The Summer of Parenting Shortcuts? When we’re home, Alexa’s on non-stop DJ mode per kids’ […]

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Untitled design (36)

Validation: A Relationship Superskill

Validation is the simple but alarmingly difficulty task of observing, acknowledging, and accepting another person’s point of view. To validate and accept their point of view doesn’t mean that you necessarily agree with what they are saying. It means that you are hearing them and attempting to understand where they are coming from. It means […]

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