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Validation: A Relationship Superskill

Validation is the simple but alarmingly difficulty task of observing, acknowledging, and accepting another person’s point of view. To validate and accept their point of view doesn’t mean that you necessarily agree with what they are saying. It means that you are hearing them and attempting to understand where they are coming from. It means […]

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Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science: Easy Day Trip from the Seacoast

With school vacation week upon us, most parents of school-aged children are mentally drumming up creative ways to spend the days. Museums are usually at the top of my list and with Boston so close, I would be foolish to rule out one of the coolest museums around: the Boston Museum of Science! Lucky for […]

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Ditching the Juice Box: 5 Tea Types Your Kids May Actually Love

I’m gonna be honest: as a parent, I love a good juice box. Convenient, somewhat nutritious, and oh-so delicious, they can be found in every grocery store, kids birthday party, and most school lunches. Yet, new articles and reports are coming out regularly condemning juice for kids. While water is a stalwart in our home, […]

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