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3 Places to Up Your “Mom Uniform” Game in Downtown Portsmouth

The Mom Uniform. Wear it. Own it. Wash it. Repeat.

Most mothers, when faced with a day that includes child care, ask themselves the following questions as they get dressed:

  • Can I chase my children in these clothes?
  • Will I be able to sit on the ground comfortably in this outfit?
  • When I bend over, will I show off that tattoo I totally regret? Or, even worse, my mom underwear?
  • Will I cry if my baby launches her breakfast at this ensemble and ruins it for all time?
  • Do I look homeless?

We prioritize function because we know that mothering requires us to be ready for just about anything. From sprinting downstairs to grab the camera phone, to demonstrating your handstand skills to your three-year-old, we moms do not mess around.

I’m not going to go so far as to say that we are like ninjas, but yes dammit, we are like ninjas. We need clothes that allow us to play and run, and above all, be present for our children.

But here’s the thing about this Mom Uniform–it can be a little un-stylish. In search of function, we completely forget form. While this doesn’t seem like a huge problem, I’m going to say that when we stop caring what we look like, there are other forces at play other than the search for a functional wardrobe.

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy advocating for self-care among moms. From advocating that we move our bodies and eat healthier, to ceasing the comparison game, we mothers deserve a life that uplifts us because we spend so much of our time lifting others up.

My proposal is this: let’s begin dressing up for our lives. I’m not talking about wearing stilettos to the playground, but I am talking about leaving house FEELING like a million bucks.

Because, you know what? We are seriously VIP, people. We are the tops. We mothers make this world go ’round, and you better believe that our outsides should, at some moments at least, match our insides.

So I trekked to downtown Portsmouth, where I live, to find the best places to up my Mom Uniform game. I shopped a lot and even participated in a photo shoot (complete with changing in an alley). It was all very official (READ: not at all official). The result: an appreciation for the wonderful shops around this great town.

Ganesh Imports is FILLED with Mom Uniform upgrades. From uniquely detailed button-downs to flowy tops, this is a store I will undoubtedly visit each season.

Our other major scores came from 2nd Time Around, a high-end resale shop that is both filled to the brim with deals and meticulously set up (a mom’s DREAM). Not only do they sell a variety of brands (Paige jeans for $35, for example), but they are also a consignment shop. Mention this blog and get an additional 10% off an item and a 50/50 split on all consigned items!

MomBasicsUpgradedFar Left: Top. Les Lis, $26 from Ganesh Imports; Paige Verdugo Ankle Jeans, $35, from 2nd Time Around; Lucky Brand Ehllen boots (mine, last year).

Center: Skies are Blue shirt, $15, from 2nd Time Around; Eyeshadow lace tank, $9, from 2nd Time Around; Ralph Lauren jean shorts (mine, old); Lucky Ehllen boots.

Top Right: Hem & Thread shirt, $40, from Ganesh Imports; Paige Verdugo Ankle Jeans, $35, from 2nd Time Around; Classic Toms (mine, old).

Bottom Right: Hem & Thread shirt, $36, from Ganesh Imports; Paige Verdugo Ankle Jeans, $35, from 2nd Time Around; Lucky Ehllen boots (mine, last year).

Check out these looks on my gorgeous friend, Katie!DayorNight

Left: American South Side shirt, $38; Flying Monkey jeans, $68, from Ganesh Imports; Freebird by Steven boots from Jane Gee (hers, last year).

Right: Survival dress, $35; Banana Republic shoes (hers, last year).

The last store in Downtown Portsmouth takes care of the most important aspect of my Mom Uniform: my face. We have to wear our faces everyday and, between night-time feedings or early morning wake-ups, our mugs take a beating. Jane Gee, an longtime Seacoast transplant from Australia, is passionate about helping people find their beauty. Using only the most natural ingredients, janegee is transforming skin care for the better. I am particularly obsessed with the Clear Skin cleansing oil and the Sun Care. Oh, and the Vitamin Creme. And the Rose Water Spray. When you visit this store, you’ll walk in and feel better immediately. Be on the lookout for their Wednesday evening events that happen once a month! Mention this blog post and receive 10% off a janegee product.


What I learned from both our photo shoot and our local adventure was that looking AND feeling good are interconnected. Hit up these spots, let them know I sent you, and DRESS UP FOR YOUR LIFE. Because, you know what? It’s a special occasion.

Ganesh Imports, 19 Congress Street Portsmouth, NH
2nd Time Around, 57 Market Street Portsmouth NH
janegee, 107 Congress Street, Portsmouth NH

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  1. Rachel September 14, 2016 at 4:29 pm #

    Alison, I loved seeing this post! We randomly met while you were shopping as we tried on all the same pieces 🙂 All looks great!