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My Mom Uniform: Why Wearing the Same Things (Almost) Every Day Works for Me.

A couple of years ago, I read an article about a woman who wore the exact same thing to work every single day. A “mom uniform” if you will. For her, it saved precious minutes in her day because she didn’t have to stand at her closet and ask the dreaded question, “What should I wear today?” 

While I don’t wear the exact same thing every day, I did take the concept to heart—especially as a busy mom. By now, I know what clothes work for my body and what don’t. I have neutral pieces that I truly love, and I’ve bought multiples of them. 

My mom uniform will, of course, not work for everyone—I believe every mom needs to create her own. And hey, some moms love choosing unique outfits every day because that makes them happy. You do you. 

I own seven black ribbed tanks from Old Navy. You can catch me in one pretty much any day of the work week and sometimes on the weekends. I have several pairs of loose-fitting black yoga pants with pockets. During the warmer months, that’s it.

In the colder months, I have several sweaters in an array of neutral colors. Every sweater has thumbholes because I love thumbholes. The sweater goes on top of the black tank top (and the black pants are still along for the ride). 

When I wear this small collection of things I love during my routine days (Monday – Friday), there is never a question of if I will feel good in them, if they will fit right, or if I’ll be comfortable. I work from home four days a week, so I wear some version of this ensemble every weekday except the day I go into the office. If you go into an office every day, yoga pants might not fly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t simplify and find your own mom uniform that works for you. Pick a style of pant and grab a few variations. Found a favorite button down? Stock up when they’re on sale!

On the weekends and in the office, I often let my fashion flag fly a bit more. I break out my fun dresses and slip into my favorite jeans (of which I have two pairs).

My big rule about any piece of clothing I own is that I have to adore it and feel good in it if takes up space in my closet or drawers. 

Adapting a version of a mom uniform on your busy days doesn’t mean you don’t care how you look. It means you’re busy, and you’ve found what works for you!

What do you wear every day? 

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