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Best New Science Kit for Kids: DIY Electro Dough by Eduporium

We’re excited to partner with Eduporium to share this fun and educational new company!

The DIY Electro Dough Science Kit

Are you tired of toys that limit your child’s problem-solving skills rather than enhance them? Do you need a gift idea for the holidays? Then look no further than the DIY Electro Dough Kit from Eduporium. This science kit combines the wonder of science with the fun of do it yourself (DIY). Instead of just playing with an electric toy, your child can build one!

What It Is

DIY Electro Dough Kit

This toy is engineering in a box! It’s a science kit that provides your child with the opportunity to create light and sound. Geared toward children ages 4 and up, it can be used in all sorts of ways. Check out this video for more.

What It Contains


The science kit includes the core technology. All you need are two AA batteries and your own dough. You can use Play-doh or make your own dough (directions for making conductive dough are included in the kit). The wires and electric box are all provided.

Our Experience

My seven-year-old loved this kit!

First, he started simple, with just a few dough balls and a light to test the waters. Then, he pulled out some more wires and the sound buzzer to see what would happen.

ballz tinker

After that, he decided to make a Christmas tree. 


While he was tinkering, I got to hear some pretty cool comments: 

You have to connect the positive charge with the short wire of the light.

Oops, I used the negative wire.

Which circuit should we do next?

My engineering is good! 

The big ones transmit the most!

Seems like someone was learning, right? It’s always great to see learning and play combine. And, the science jargon I heard was a bonus. What mother doesn’t want to hear such important key words during play? 

The Result

Good things come in small packages!

Most of all, it was refreshing to see the world of electricity opened up to my child in such a hands-on way. He started out simple but then intuitively made things more complicated as he went along. 

Since our kids will be called upon to be innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers, a science kit like this is a step in the right direction!

Eduporium was started with the belief that technology can truly, effectively help children learn and grow. This does not mean encouraging children to spend more time texting or taking selfies on their smartphones—but rather productive, meaningful technology that can unlock their imagination and engage their problem-solving skills. For more information, visit Eduporium.

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