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A Plant Subscription Service: The Easiest Way to Spruce Up Your Home

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Full disclosure: I am not a green thumb. My mom dropped me off at college with a jade plant saying, “these are really hard to kill so this should be perfect for you!” That poor thing was dead by Columbus Day weekend and I have avoided trying to keep plants alive since then. So, when I heard about a plant subscription service that sent along literally everything you need to keep a plant alive and thriving, I was intrigued.

A Plant Subscription Service? What even IS this?

Plant Package delivers everything you need to have and grow healthy potted plants. A shipment includes soil, a pot, food and four (!!) plants. Each month celebrates the specific time of year and is a different theme. Whether it gets you in the mood for spring or brightens a long winter, this plant subscription box is an easy way to bring life into your home. 

Plant Package Plant Subscription Service

July’s theme was “Campfire”. Check out those colorful flowers!

What interests us about this particular plant subscription service is that it’s based out of Loudon, NH. This means, the plants you receive in your plant package shipment grew to maturation just an hour away from the Seacoast! Owned by the same family that owns lef Farms (another one of our faves– just watch the live video where I wear a hair net), we love that this operation is close.

How it Works

On the website, you can sign up for a monthly, every other month, or quarterly shipment. Depending which option you choose, you’ll pay between $43 and $49/per shipment. Not sure if you’re committed to plant parenthood? Select a pay-per-package option and try it out for as long as you like. This is not a Columbia House situation where you end up with 300 CDs and a mom wondering about weird charges on her Diner’s Club International. Not that I know anyone who did that . . .

Plant package designs each package as an arrangement: you place the four plants into the provided pot and, voila! You have a gorgeous centerpiece or a beautiful front porch decoration. The masses will swoon, take my word for it. 

Plant Subscription Service

A Rustic Wedding inspired August theme’s — check out that faux cast iron pot!

Gardening Made Easy

By far, my favorite thing about Plant Package is that they include instructions and support for growing your plant. I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment to google how to care for a Stinking Corpse Lily. In fact, I barely had the wherewithal to google “weird plants” to find that plant name let alone keep them alive. I have three kids: life is nuts. So, instructions are huge! If I’m going to bring a living thing into my home, I would love to refrain from murdering it slowly with my ineptitude. This plant subscription service can help me do just that and I am here for it.

Plant delivery: Bringing the Family together

Why yes, I am ending this post with some incredible “this will hold your family together” content. Super unique for a mom blog, right? But, hear me out: we don’t often learn new things alongside our children. As I learn how to take care of these plants each month, so do my children. Plus, they already want to get a subscription for their grandmother for Christmas (so she’ll maybe forgive me for the Columbia House debacle of ’95). 

Wherever you end up putting the pot of these beauties, you’ll feel like a professional (or, at the very least, like a woman who didn’t kill a jade plant circa 2001). Having plants in or around your home makes everything brighter. 

For more information, please be sure to visit Plant Package’s website and watch our live unboxing video on Facebook! You’ll get to see what one of these shipments looks like right out of the box!Plant Package Logo

Plus, as a bonus, Plant Package has a special discount code for Seacoast Moms readers (psst! that’s YOU!). The first 20 people who sign up for Plant Package (any of the subscription options) can enter the code SEACOASTMOMS to receive a free starter kit!



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