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List Your Seacoast Area Fitness Center or Studio with Us – It’s Free

Seacoast Fitness Studios

Interested in listing your Seacoast Fitness Studio with us? Fill out the form below! This is completely FREE but, if you’d like the chance to have a Featured Listing (includes a longer description, links to social media handles and an image of your facilities the Roundup), fill out the form below AND email us at to secure your spot now!*

Moms are always looking for new places to work out. We have a plethora of options here on the Seacoast. Help make the decision easier for moms by showing what you offer here on our trusted page. Gear your listing towards what moms want and need!

Deadline is Thursday, September 5th

*Featured Listings available on first come, first served basis and cost $200. Limited number of spots available. The Roundup of Seacoast Fitness Studios will be on our site for one year and then will go up for renewal making the cost of a Featured Listing less than $17/month for the entire year. 

Seacoast Area Fitness Center Listing

  • What types of fitness/classes do you offer? Check all that apply. Hold down command to select multiple.
  • Please upload your logo.

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