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Healing From the Outside In: Leaning into the Rain

I love rainy days. I feel like they always come just when I need a sign from the Universe to slow down.

Our world is in a state of chaos, and I can’t seem to find a balance between fighIMG_3719ting my own personal battles and facing the tragedy that continues to unfold around me. I have managed to keep our lives busy with happy activities; and yet at night, when my baby is finally asleep, I still I can’t escape the fear that I have for her safety.

Everyone is hurting. We are all struggling in some form or another and it needs to be observed that SO MANY people are fighting the hardest fight of their lives. In most cases, they don’t deserve an ounce of their struggles or never-ending pain.

Late I’ve removed myself from the news and social media to focus on the beautiful things around me that are pure and precious–my family, mother nature, and my passions. I welcomed rainy and chilly days to reconnect with the important things in my life, and I slowly felt my numbness lift as the rain came down.

Some of my favorite memories occurred on days when the weather wasn’t perfect, and I was forced to slow down.

Now that I have a mobile 10-month-old, life doesn’t really ever feel like it’s standing still. But when the rain comes, we are forced to prioritize our “to do list” and embrace our basic needs. For me, looking at our dewy, lush, garden brought me so much joy. We have nurtured and cared for this garden, and it is giving us beautiful gifts thanks to simple, tender loving care.



Three months ago, when my husband started to plot our garden space, I was exhausted from sleep regression and did not know how I could possibly keep a garden alive. There were days when I wanted to throw down the garden tools and display my “non-green thumb” badge with pride; but this was not an option. We took breaks when we needed to, and surprisingly, the garden is thriving. We had put too much time and money into garden to give up on it.

Rain opens my eyes to the simple and refreshing perspectives of how we need to nurture ourselves before we can fix everything around us.

When I need to be reminded of what it’s like to disconnect from all the drama and focus on how to heal; the “rain doctor” provides me all the medicine I needed. My wounds are smaller than others, but they are still present and painful.

Summer means warmer weather, longer days, endless activities, and minimal time to tackle the lengthy “to do list.” This summer proved to be one of the hardest because I have a new home, a new baby, endless goals, and a heart full of sadness for all of the hate and violence in our world.

How can I manage being the most amazing parent, wife, family member and functioning human being–and also save the world from the “bad guys,” so my son doesn’t ever have to know what really happens outside of his cozy bubble?

If you can relate to my feelings and have been trying to find a way to heal, I suggest dancing in the rain, digging in the dirt, and letting go of all the other bullshit that’s holding you back. Blast your favorite songs and eat delicious comfort food, too.

Gifts from mother nature are free and fleeting, so I will always cherish their presence no matter how chaotic and busy life is at the moment.

We all need simple reminders to let go and embrace the natural world around us. We don’t have to work too hard to enjoy it, and I am so grateful for my rainy day memories.

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