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Keep it Simple With These Go-To Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower gifts

Some of the best gifts I received at my baby shower were not on my registry and were gifted by veteran moms. They’d already done the research, tried the products, and knew just what a new mom really needs. 
Whether you’ve been out of the baby game for a while or you don’t know how to pronounce half of the items on the registry (let alone know what they’re for!), I’m here to help with some of my favorite baby shower gifts. The ideas might sound boring but sometimes the essentials are overlooked. And the last thing a new mom needs are 18 cute onesies and no diapers!

-Diapers and Wipes

This one is a no-brainer but often skipped. Yet, we all know how quickly babies go through diapers and wipes. Stocking up a new mom up with a variety of sizes of diapers can be super helpful. They may register for a certain brand, so be sure to check.

Speaking of diapers and wipes, I add these waterproof changing pad liners to every baby shower gift I give. I used them all the time. I kept some in the car, in my diaper bag, and on my changing table. It saved me from washing the changing pad cover over and over. 

-Wipe Dispenser for the Diaper Bag

baby shower giftsThese can be filled with any baby wipes and are a perfect fit for a diaper bag or to stash in the car. They come in fun colors too!

-Boogie Wipes 

Sound ridiculous, don’t they?! But these were a serious lifesaver when my little one had a runny nose. Let’s face it, kid boogers are like super glue. But, one swipe with these and snot be gone!

-A Good Thermometer

I spent a lot of cash on a fancy forehead thermometer only to discover you won’t get a more accurate temp than a reading from where the sun don’t shine. Sad, but true. This is an item that moms sometimes forget to include on their registry but is crucial to have around. 

-Sound Machine

We still use this one for my son! Once he could grab the beautiful and expensive mobile (why did we spend so much money on that?!?!), I was at a loss. Then I remembered this awesome gadget! It projects an image on a wall (a few to chose from) and doubles as a sound machine.

-White Onesies 

I know, boring! But, you never feel bad about throwing them out or getting them dirty and they go with everything. I call it a mom win. As with diapers, be sure to gift different sizes!

When you’re preparing to bring a human into the world it’s always nice to be pampered, so make sure to get something just for mom.

I always add in something for the mom to be; nursing tanks, cozy slippers, flowers, or a gift card for her favorite take out/delivery restaurant. 


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