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Fine, You Can Stay: An Open Letter to My Eternal Baby Bump

Oh hey, eternal baby bump. You’ve been around for quite a while. And although we’ve had our ups and downs (or ins and outs, in this case) I’ve decided that it’s fine. You can stay.

Let’s face it: you were waiting to come out long before I was pregnant. You loved to show up after the late-night pizza extravaganzas of my twenties or the hours-long brunches I indulged in every Sunday. When I got pregnant, your big moment had arrived. You “popped” before three months. You didn’t stop there. When I was seven months preggo, I had people asking if I was having twins and at eight months, I’m sure you enjoyed the comments about how you were as big as I was tall.

I’m now four and a half years postpartum, and you, my eternal baby bump, keep showing up. Every morning I think you’ve disappeared, but around lunch time you like to announce your existence. I’ve tried to make you go away with a super balanced diet, core classes, and planks on the regular. But I’ve realized that you just may never completely go away.

I have to confess: there’s a part of me that likes keeping you around.

You were the home to my most bestest girl for over nine months. At your largest, I never felt more beautiful and powerful (well, maybe not at your largest). You are a daily reminder that I grew a child in my body, and now that child asks me for snacks every twenty minutes. My life would be very different without you.

So, fine. You can stay.

But if one day you are replaced by an eternal flat stomach, I would be perfectly okay with that.

I have pictures of you so I can remember. And I will always hold a special place for you in my heart. Or my gut.

Love always,

A mama

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