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Captain’s Log, USS Coronavirus: Day 2

I’ve been on this ship for 2 days but it feels like years. Spirits are low. Well, maybe just my spirits. Or maybe I’m imbibing in too many spirits? I supposed time will tell.

It was a grey day out there and when I asked to crew to venture off ship, I was met with a decisive, “negative”. The littlest crew member went so far as to completely disrobe and throw herself on the ground. It was quite an unnecessary display. Needless to say, we stayed below deck for most of the day.

The ship’s cook, angel that she is, prepped “to go” lunches and snacks for all crew members today. Even though we ventured nowhere, her efforts ensured people stayed out of the mess hall. I noted far fewer hunger cries, which was a relief. That genius woman knows what she is doing and is clearly my ally on this voyage.

During R&R time, I ventured to my chambers. I find myself needing time away from the ruckus. I can’t remember a crew ever being so loud. Secretly, I enjoyed some contraband — the most delicious “O” shaped chocolate, caramel, and coconut cookies in an inconspicuously purple box. I must never allow the crew to learn of this stash as it would disappear in an instant.

Once evening hit, the sun came out. We explored ashore. After a day below deck, it felt as if were escaped some sort of captivity. Can you imagine? Captivity while free? Yes, I know I write nonsense. We even saw land-dwellers this time. We kept a distance as we are still studying them, determining what sort of lot they are. The crew, after having protested outdoor recreation early in the day, seemed to enjoy themselves heartily. Clearly, they have no idea what’s good for them.

All in all, we survived the day. While the crew is in desperate need of my strong leadership, I question my aptitude. They’re so green, so inexperienced! They need so much. I can tell my tenure here will test my leadership. 

Tomorrow is a new day.

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