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Captain’s Log, USS Coronavirus: Day 5

The day started with company in the bathroom. Since when does the Captain have to share The Head with another member of the crew? Of course it was the smallest (and least experienced) member of the crew. When I ordered her out of The Head she simply said, “I can’t”.

I heard word that my shore leave is canceled for the weekend. Will there be no respite from the madness of this ship and its maniacal crew? Will I ever get to go to the bathroom alone again?

The lack of shore leave nearly broke my heart. After such a long week at sea with these hooligans, the idea of seeing humans with actual manners and standards was so appealing. Maybe next weekend…

While the day was grey and wet, the early evening was beautiful. We docked at a harbor and saw many fellow sailors. The sun and warm air were balms to the soul. For a few moments, all seemed right with the world. People were smiling, talking, and dancing.

Yet all things must end. It was time to get back to the ship after this sweet respite but the crew had other ideas. The rookie took her shoes off and ran away in just her socks. Wrangling her was quite the effort. Once the First Mate and I tracked and trapped her, she returned with black socks and a smile reeking of mischief.

The middle ranking member took her pants off. Apparently it’s never chilly for her, skinny as she is.

The senior fixated on dessert and got it. She rummaged through the cabinets and snuck a tiny sweet. The cook will be furious when she finds out! Her wrath will be severe in the morning, no doubt. I’ll be sure to make myself scarce.

Speaking of making myself scarce, I plan on delegating much of my work to my First Mate tomorrow. We shall she how he fares…

Tomorrow is a new day.

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