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Building a House With Little Ones in Mind: Organizing Your Home

I love having a clean, organized, and well-decorated home. But what I love doesn’t always align with reality. My house has at least one dirty dish in the sink, a hidden pile of clutter in a drawer, and a floor that needs to be vacuumed. And if you peek into the giant bag I carry around with me you’ll find stale cheerios, a million “to-do” lists, an other non essentials thrown into one unorganized handbag. But with this new house I have a different plan. I’m organizing early in hopes that it will stay that way. A girl can have goals, can’t she? 

Purging and Donating – Before We Pack, and Again When We Unpack

First things first: I am going through every drawer, closet, and surface in our current home and either dumping of or donating the things we don’t need. I’m planning on doing this a few times. 

I’ll repeat the process again while we’re packing and unpacking too. I have a feeling while we are packing up we aren’t going to want to bring anything we don’t really need or want.
I can’t help but ask myself, where did all of this stuff come from? I’m attempting to tackle this venture with a minimalist mentality we can carry over into our new home.

Skeletons in the Closet

During all this purging and donating, I’m also making a list of where I think everything will go in the new house. Kitchen cabinets, pantries, and closets are the best places to hide clutter, impulse buys, and miscellaneous junk. Planning out what’s going where will hopefully help eliminate clutter. Am I naive to think that we may actually have neat kitchen cabinets and closets that aren’t overflowing?

Optimizing space

In the kitchen, I am spending a lot of time going through our options for cabinets; like opting for big drawers for pots and pans instead of cabinets. I am also building in as much shelving and cabinets into my pantry and laundry space as possible. I know these are the spaces where a lot of stuff is going to dumped.

How do you keep your house organized with little ones? 
Any tips on building a home with optimal storage solutions?


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