Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here
Captain's log USS Coronavirus: woman writing in journal with coffee cup

Captain’s Log, USS Coronavirus: Day 15

We’ve been on this ship for, what seems like, years. I’ve been my crew’s hostage for, again, years. I don’t know the day or the date — I’m keeping track of my time in captivity by marking the wall. It’s bleak and depressing but I fear I’ll lose my mind if I don’t mark time […]

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Kate and Keith Photography

Faces of Our Seacoast with Kate and Keith Photography

Maine Wedding Photographers Kate and Keith Photography hit the streets to capture business owners of Portsmouth and Kittery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using their experience in brand photography, Kate Harris and Keith Tharp documented many Seacoast businesses for our Faces of Our Seacoast Project. Kate and Keith Photography is all about adventure -- Kate and [...]
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Raya On Assignment

Faces of Our Seacoast with Raya On Assignment

Raya of Raya on Assignment is a Seacoast brand photographer. She shares her story on multiple stages, gives voice to the community on her platform People of Portsmouth, and inspires individuals with her positivity, mindset, and lifestyle choices. She co-hosts a podcast with her partner Miles around inspiring other young creative entrepreneurs to take their passion [...]
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best shows to stream

4 Shows to Stream Right Now — Homebodies Unite

Let’s be honest. Streaming shows are the only thing keeping us from losing it altogether. So, whether you’re sneaking 30 minutes in your closet with Netflix + your iPad or staying up too late with your partner after the kids are in bed. Social distancing with your family has to come with some adult TV […]

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