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and the Moms Who Live Here

2018: The Year I Resolved to Change Absolutely Nothing

The end of 2017 sparked the same type of promises as any other year end. I began the resolution plotting, ticking them off in my head like they were ingrained in there. They were. I had been making similar types of resolutions for decades: lose ten pounds or work out seven days a week or […]

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head lice is reality for millions of families every year

The Head Lice Handbook

Do you worry about head lice? If you’re like me just reading those words has your scalp itching and  thinking, “Now I am!” Head lice is a frightening reality for millions of moms every year.  There are an estimated 6-12 million cases of head lice infestation annually.  What are head lice?  Lice are tiny insects […]

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