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The ABCs of Motherhood

Do you ever just sit back in amazement of all that has happened to you since becoming a mother? We evolve in so many ways. It seems like just yesterday we were announcing our adoptions and pregnancies. We take care of every last detail right until our child’s arrival, and then that little person enters our life. We are forever changed. 

Appreciate how you evolve.

Mothering is messy. We have good days and bad days. Sometimes we feel like Supermom, and others, well, not so much. Maybe you can relate. Perhaps you had a certain image of how your daily life would be. You look at yourself today and think either, “I’m there! I’ve got this!” or “I’m so far away from that, and it’s really frustrating.”

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture.

It’s so important to sit back and savor all that you have become. Take a seat by the window, sip some tea, and snuggle in with yourself. We grow right along with our children, and none of us are perfect. Life moves so fast, but you have to pause and soak it all in.

As you evolve in your parenting life, take some time now and then to think of the little things. Those moments that make you feel like you’ve got this. Count your blessings. It’s as easy as ABC.

The ABCs for Mothers: I Never Thought I Would…

Acclimate so quickly
Become a force to be reckoned with
Create something so wonderful
Depend on my instincts so much
Eat peanut butter and jelly for lunch
Feel less afraid to be home alone when my child is with me
Gravitate towards mothers whose lessons I also need to learn
Handle the hard stuff graciously
Invent so many silly, crazy songs
Jump into mud puddles and embrace all things messy
Keep everything
Look in three different stores for socks with rubber padding
Make it this far
Need so many answers
Opt for a King bed to co-sleep more comfortably
Pack so many snacks for an afternoon at the park
Question everything
Read my child’s face hundreds of times in a day
Stay up all night searching for a lost toy
Treasure a piece of paper with a scribble on it
Use leftovers so creatively
Vacation at home and enjoy every minute
Wear clothes without a stain again
X-ray the world around us so much
Yearn to stop time again and again
Zero in on how the world is better place because my child is in it

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