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Let’s Glow – Spraying on Sunless Confidence

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Have you had a bad sunburn?  My Scandinavian heritage might ensure I make a great meatball, but it has also gifted me with highly-sensitive fair skin. A beautiful sun-kissed glow in the summer has always eluded me. Then I discovered that spraying on sunless confidence is easy, local, and really beautiful. How did I feel after my sunless tanning spray tan session at Let’s Glow?

After sunless tanning, I felt like I had been hand painted with flawless, super sexiness. Naturally.

48 Hours after my sunless tanning spray tan session.

For the record, porcelain skin is beautiful. However, I also love the healthy glow skin gets from the summer sunshine. After fourteen years of marriage and five children, it’s easy to lose sight of myself. For me it starts with self-care, but also the confidence to wear summer separates and not look pasty white.

“Let’s Glow” located at 59 Deer St. in Portsmouth.


‘Let’s Glow” is warm and welcoming.

Nancy Slater, founder of “Let’s Glow”, sprays on confidence. She knows a thing or two about sunless tanning. Nancy has seen the devastating effects of melanoma, and now advocates sunless spray tanning as a healthy alternative. Before opening her boutique (located at 59 Deer Street in Portsmouth), Nancy made it her mission to research the highest quality and healthiest spray tan formulas. Subsequently, her formula is made from plant-derived dyes. 

Her tanning product is not only natural, but also organic. 

Nancy Slater, founder of “Let’s Glow”.

I loved the idea of a gorgeous healthy glow from sunless tanning without harmful UV rays. However, I was reluctant. I had once tried a spray tan in an automated booth, with…let’s say…”inconsistent” results. 

Nancy’s boutique is beautiful. Let’s Glow is inviting and friendly with a designer feel. First it was into the heated, luxury spray tan room. Nancy made me feel instantly comfortable explaining that clients wear everything from swim suits, her disposable under garments, or their birthday suits during a session. Due to my irrational fear of thongs, I wore my least favorite grey knickers (that I didn’t mind getting sprayed) and a bandeau top Nancy provided. 

The sunless tanning spray mist is cool and refreshing. Since it’s water based and oil free, the spray didn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin. It fades evenly, leaving no streaks or spots. Before opening her shop, Nancy initially intended to just tan herself and a few friends. However, word spread. Ultimately so many people loved her product, she grew her passion into a business. After my tan, Nancy even called to be sure all was well after showering. 

Spraying on Confidence!

The  “Let’s Glow” explains more about their Aviva tanning system and sunless spray tanning packages. I am especially smitten with the ability to book a sunless tanning session online with a downloadable app. You can also learn more about Let’s Glow on “Let’s Glow”. Nancy explains that May is melanoma awareness month, and a great time to try spray tanning. You’ll feel more beautiful and confident, without putting yourself at risk for skin cancer.

As mothers there are so many things we can’t control. Life is hectic, and we don’t always put ourselves first. In the end, no day is perfect…but my tan is. I like that, and I love my sun kissed glow. 

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