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Living Out My Childhood in Mox Shoes


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My mother has strong opinions about fashion. She passed this trait onto me, and now I am dealing with the karmic retributions of my fashion rebellion as I parent my own “toddler fashionista.” (READ: fashion tyrant).

My mother, Claudia, who we call “Claudymom,” (it was her AOL screen name in 1995), stuck to some hard-and-fast rules about fashion: don’t be tacky, no white after Labor Day, and for Pete’s sake; dress your age.

This led to many arguments related to the following fashion faux pas: tie-dye (tacky), a pair of patent high-heeled Mary Janes I loved (they were BRIGHT white), and crop tops (good grief, too mature). One of our biggest arguments focused on shoes known as “jellies.” You remember them: plastic goodness in a shoe. I was obsessed, and Claudymom was like, “Absolutely not, they are tacky.” I responded in a completely mature and dignified manner (read: I rolled my eyes and stormed off). But…she was so right, they really were. I thank her (not to her face because that would mean she won), for sparing me that fashion mistake. They weren’t comfortable either, but I loved the idea of them! I mean, you could get them wet AND wear them with a dress? It was the shoe that kept on giving.

As an adult, I am STILL on the hunt for a shoe that transitions everywhere. And then Mox Shoes entered my life and I was like, “Ah, there you are!”

Designed by an Australian woman in 2011, Mox Shoes are newcomers to the United States, and I have a feeling they are going to change the “mom uniform” for the better. Mox Shoes have many features shared by jellies: they are waterproof, stylish, and extremely comfortable. From the braided detail to the classic ballet flat look, these shoes are a big upgrade from my old sneakers or flip-flops.

Let me tell you how comfortable Mox Shoes are by showing you the various places I wore them:


I wore them scooting around, to a playground (no wood chips in these shoes!), and on a walk all the way downtown (and back- that’s about three miles), and then I wore them out to meet a friend for drinks.

Everywhere I went, people commented on how cute they were! And everywhere I went, I couldn’t believe how good they felt. Unlike the jellies from my childhood, the man-made rubber in Mox Shoes is flexible and giving. The shoes hug my feet in such a way that I could go for a swim with them on and they would not fall off! And you know what? If I wanted to swim with them, I totally could because they are waterproof as waterproof gets. We are talking land-to-sea, people. The Little Mermaid better watch her back.

I’m able to do everything my kids are doing while I wear my Mox Shoes. And my feet look adorable, too. I’m living out a childhood dream without the tackiness. Win-win-win. At $40, the price is totally reasonable, too.

I even think my mom would like them. Scratch that, I KNOW she would.

Want to give ’em a try? Seacoast Moms Blogs readers can get 10% off until September 30 with promo code SEA10!

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  1. Lila Santopietro October 6, 2016 at 2:45 am #

    I’d like to write like you!