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Why You Need An Interior Designer: Trust Your Home to ELH Interiors

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I first seriously considered hiring an interior designer after my first project as “resident designer” of our first home proved to be a bust.

For this particular project, I spent countless hours on Pinterest and Houzz looking for paint colors for our first floor walls. Eventually, I took the plunge on a color, purchased six gallons of paint, and my husband and I sacrificed a week of Netflix for furious painting. In the end, I hoped to be proud of our work. However, the color was hideous. I actually yelled, “I wish someone would just tell me what to do with this house!”

In walks interior designer, Erin Horn, from ELH Interiors.

angels sing when an interior designer helps!

Angels sing when an interior designer helps!

I contacted interior designer Erin Horn because I had this crazy idea about turning our living room closet into a toy nook for our boys. I got as far as taking the door off before I realized that I had no idea what to do from there. With two young toddlers, jobs, and the regular duties of life, it’s hard for my husband and I to design and execute every project.

We’re on a tight budget, too. As the saying goes, “time is money.” Every minute I wasted chasing Joanna Gaines around Pinterest was a minute I could have bought something I actually liked.

Erin took the time to learn my style. She came to the house, saw my mess in all of its glory, and listened to me explain my desire to have a living room that could effortlessly go from daytime/toy store to dinner party/chic.

After a few days, she interpreted those needs and posted them on this adorable vision board. She also put all of the items we would need to buy in an easy-to-read spreadsheet with links to where to buy them. Ahhh…it’s like she knows me!


Total toy chaos–a red picture frame is about as eclectic as I get.


That wallpaper! It’s actually forest animals, but from far away just looks like a fashionable paisley pattern–it’s the essence of what I want!

Gallery wall with leather bench - elegant and kid friendly!

Gallery wall with leather bench–elegant and kid- friendly!


Her design is simple yet modern, a signature of her work. Not only did Erin shine in her interior design and professionalism, she stuck to our very strict budget. She had an entire career in finance before starting her design business, so she knows how important discounts and deals are without compromising quality. (You can also take advantage of designer-exclusive discounts through her!)

During our follow up, she explained some of her choices, such as galvanized steel baskets. They are durable, trendy, and reusable in the basement or garage down the road. She went one step ahead and said she was concerned that they have sharp edges where they boys could cut themselves. For not being a mama herself, she was one step ahead of me on that one! I didn’t even think about that! #badmommy

Erin did so much of the thinking for me. That’s a mama’s dream come true. This old house is coming together slowly but surely, thanks to her.

If you’re on the fence about hiring an interior designer, I encourage you to reconsider. I can vouch that it’s worth every penny. Erin is great to work with, takes the guess work out of design, and makes your house a little more perfect.

Since we won’t get to this house project until after the holidays, below are pictures of a completed project Erin designed. Her vision board and the after-pictures are amazing! She worked with the family to make something appealing to their young daughter, but be easy enough for them to change as she got older.

Schedule your interior design consultation with Erin today!

Love that Shakespeare quote! Perfect for little girls.

Love that Shakespeare quote! Perfect for little girls.


From dreary to dreamy thanks to ELH Interiors!

From dreary to dreamy, thanks to ELH Interiors!


Erin Horn is the founder and principal designer at ELH interiors, a New Hampshire based full-service interior design firm. With a degree in finance as well as an MBA, Erin spent nearly a decade working in business in various analytical and managerial roles, but after doing two massive home renovations, she knew her true passion was in design. Upon completing further studies in interior design, Erin took the leap and launched ELH interiors.

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