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Say Cheese, Baby! Capturing Life, Love and Family with MAC Photography

I’m so excited to have been offered an opportunity to have a newborn portrait session with MAC Photography.

As a mother of three, I know all too well how quickly newborns grow and change. There’s nothing like a good, sleepy newborn snuggle, and I find myself missing those cuddles when my kids progress past that stage. I often get engrossed looking at old photos of them and remembering how squishy, soft, and small they were. I recently enjoyed a newborn photo session for my third baby with Michelle of MAC Photography, and I know that I will treasure these portraits for years to come. Michelle perfectly captured the essence of my baby’s newborn-ness and I’ll be forever grateful.


When I first thought about doing a newborn photo session, I actually felt anxious. Would my baby cooperate? Would he be sleepy and happy enough to get any good shots or would he cry the whole time? Would the experience be stressful for him? I’m willing to bet that many moms of newborns might have some similar worries.  

Before our session, we chatted at length about what we hoped to accomplish. Michelle reassured me and put me at ease about my fears. She explained that there would be music playing, the room would be nice and warm, and that we would leave plenty of time for me to feed the baby, wait for him to be sleepy, and move through a few different moments to capture. She asked me to send her a couple photos of our home so that she could set up some scenes ahead of time that would match our decor and look great hanging on our walls. I had never heard of anybody doing this before and I think it is such a great idea!


When we arrived for our session, we were greeted with welcoming music, as well as water, coffee, or tea for me, and a comfy spot to nurse the baby. My little guy presented quite a challenge, as he was pretty wakeful the whole time despite my best efforts to put him into a good milk coma. Michelle was patient and gentle with him though, and his comfort was never compromised for the sake of a photograph. She has some excellent tricks up her sleeve for helping babies fall asleep and you might just find yourself wishing you could bring her home with you for nap time and bedtime!

20160509_124650After Michelle had edited the photos, she invited me back in for a viewing. Once again, we were welcomed into a peaceful atmosphere. She projected the portraits onto the wall for us to view, and she walked us through all of our options for displaying our memories. The photographs were beautiful and I was amazed at what she was able to do to enhance them and really take them to the next level, transforming them into beautiful artwork. Her incredible software allowed us to mock up different arrangements as they would appear in my home to see what I liked best.  I’ve always had trouble committing to hanging artwork on my walls, so this extra step helped so much. I appreciated her expertise, as she was able to advise me on all of the different options.

Here is some more of Michelle’s beautiful work.  I love her emphasis on keeping the scenes and props minimal and natural so that the babies, in their natural state, are the focus of the portraits. Michelle not only specializes in newborn portraits but also specializes in maternity, children, and family portraits. Her beautiful studio inside Seacoast Birth & Family Connection in North Hampton, NH not only has an amazing indoor studio but also a gorgeous outdoor studio with a rustic barn, vintage rope swings, and tall fields of grass.

Be sure to follow MAC Photography on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to schedule your session or call (603) 964-0060. You can also learn more about Michelle’s work in this video.











I was gifted this newborn session in exchange for this review, but all of my thoughts are authentic and honest.  


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