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Whole Body Reset at Seacoast Sports Club with Blissfully Lively

As moms, we often hear the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” From experience, I know this to be true! I am constantly grateful for the people who love, support and teach my children. They should go through their lives feeling uplifted, held accountable and inspired because of this crew. Yet, what about a village for me? A village for moms? Yes, I am technically already “raised”, although whether I am a fully functioning grown-up is up for debate. Yet I recognize my need for a village of my own that will love, support, teach, uplift, inspire and hold me accountable. Particularly in the realm of self-care, I need all the help I can get. Lauren Atwood of Blissfully Lively realizes this and has an exciting new program offering at Seacoast Sports Club’s Portsmouth West End location.

Lauren Atwood of Blissfully Lively recognizes the importance of “the village” when striving for health and wellness goals. 

Lauren’s creation, Blissfully Lively, is all about helping people on their wellness journey. While she offers nutrition coaching and other in-home support for her clients, this new endeavor creates a community experience. She knows the importance of a village to help someone along the journey to becoming a healthier version of themselves. Health and wellness goals are easier to reach when you have a team surrounding you, cheering you on.

Blissfully Lively Whole Body ResetA Village, A Leader and An Incredible Setting

In addition to needing a community of like-minded people, it’s wonderful to have a skilled leader pointing you in the right direction. Lauren is a local nutrition coach and fitness instructor with a warm and encouraging way about her. Read Rachel’s post featuring Lauren and all Blissfully Lively has to offer, including virtual or in-home support, to get a sense of how much we at SMB love working with her!

This program Lauren designed not only values the presence of community but it also utilizes some of the best fitness facilities in our area, Seacoast Sports Club. Lauren is a fitness instructor at their recently renovated Portsmouth West End location. This wonderfully-outfitted facility offers the backdrop for the Whole Body Reset Program.

The Details

Every Tuesday evening for 10 weeks, participants will gather at Seacoast Sports Club’s West End location with Lauren of Blissfully Lively. Each week, they’ll discuss a new topic ranging from portion control to self-image. Embarking on a wellness journey has everything to do with education (both learning new things and un-learning bad habits!). After the educational portion comes the workout! From TRX to Kickboxing, participants will work their bodies in new and exciting ways, gaining muscles and shedding fat.

This is not a “quick fix”. This is not a crash diet or a fast cleanse. This 10-week program is designed to educate, encourage a sustainable healthy lifestyle.  

Blissfully Lively Whole Body Reset

Whole Body (and Mind) Reset

After 10 weeks with Lauren of Blissfully Lively, your body and mind will be different. From learning how to feed your body properly to examining how you deal with stress, this 10 week program is sure to change you. This program begins October 17th Seacoast Sports Club Portsmouth’s West End location. 

Email Lauren Atwood, [email protected] for more details! Visit her blog for more details. 

This post comes to you courtesy of one of our sponsors. While it is sponsored, all opinions and enthusiasm are our own!

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